Programmers: If you developed software and want to allow others to use your program, you should consider the Software Licensing Agreement, to set out what you are giving to the buyer, for how much and for how long.

Tip: Save a tree and sign contracts online, legally and for free, with Docracy’s Super Signing feature.

Some documents are specifically helpful to mobile application (iOS or Android) developers, like this Contract for Mobile Application Development Services. If you build an app that collects data from users, you need a privacy policy. Docracy’s Mobile Privacy Policy is the only open source privacy policy specifically for mobile apps. Check out our blog post “How to write a Privacy Policy” to learn more.

For web design and development work, you may find some of the following contracts helpful:

  1. Development Service Contract: generic contract between developer and client for developer’s services
  2. Standard Agreement for Design Services for interactive/web works: also a contract between developer and client but adds sections discussing how changes to the work will be dealt with and how tech support for the client will be arranged
  3. Website and Identity Design Contract: based on the form above but “trims the fat” and “closes some loopholes” with helpful annotations that explain what legal terms mean and how to deal with negotiations on certain points

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