Being a small business owner or employee means that you are involved in many different aspects of running a business.Here are some sample contracts that help you with various sides of your day-to-day operations.

Hiring: These are agreements that help you lock down relationships with employees and collaborators. Gunderson’s Consulting Agreement (one of Docracy’s most popular documents!), the Part-time Employee Offer Letter, and the Independent Contractor Agreement are all possible choices for temporary workers, but you can also find many full-time offer examples on the site.

Selling: Another document that can be helpful in moderating employee-employer or employer-outside party relations is the short form non-disclosure agreement. This may be used alone or in conjunction with one of the contracts above to make sure that an independent contractor, consultant, part-timer or even another business will not be able to discuss the confidential information you have disclosed to them.

Leasing: Secure a space to work in with a lease for office space between landlord and tenant.

Tip: Save a tree and sign contracts online, legally and for free, with Docracy’s Super Signing feature.