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Gunderson Dettmer

Gunderson Dettmer

90,000+ total views

Gunderson was the first big law firm to publish their entire startup package on Docracy. Their documents were quickly linked to all over the web, helping to define the firm as a thought leader in startup law.

Dave Ugelow

Top result on Google for:
independent contractor agreement

When I work with people who are familiar with Docracy, I generally spend less time crafting complicated legal language and more time discussing substantive issues, particularly because Docracy provides a useful starting point for those in need of legal guidance.
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Dave Ugelow
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Zeke Vermillion

Zeke Vermillion

Most used Founder's Agreement

My partners and I get more views on Docracy than we do with our firm website. We often find that clients have seen our work on Docracy, and have reviewed our lawyer profiles there, before we meet with them. Docracy is a useful marketing tool because it actually provides a service to clients.


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