Test Signing Document (Non-Binding)

Use this document to test out signing. It's non-binding!

Dear Name,

This document is to test signing and is non-binding. Signing this will show you just how easy it is to execute documents on Docracy. 

After you place your signature (type or draw! Both are valid, legally binding signatures) we'll email you a copy of the agreement in PDF form. You can always access the digital copy of every document you sign by logging in your Docracy profile.

Remember that you can securely sign any public document you find on the site, for free. It's much easier and faster than the old school option: download a MS Word copy - edit it - print it - sign it - scan it - send it... This is just so last century. You have the option to privately edit the full text of any document directly Docracy, and send it to anybody else. You just need their name and email, no scanner, printer or additional software required!

If you start from a public template, Docracy will show, in the "Redline" tab, the differences between the original document and yours. For example, this is what a redacted line looks like.

You can also upload and sign, privately, your own agreements. We'll host it, but only you will be able to see your private documents. If you work on them on Docracy, we'll track the document history for you.

If you find Docracy useful, consider giving back to the community by sharing your own content. We work hard to improve Docracy every day, and any feedback you might have is invaluable for us. Just reply to this email and tell us what you think!


The Docracy Team

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