Work for Hire Agreement: Distilled

This contract prioritizes simplicity over legal security. It might work for small projects.
It favors the client; all rights are transfered from the artist to the client.


Artist: Artist's Name

Phone: Artist's Telephone
Email: Artist's Email

Client:Client Name
Contact: Client Contact Name
Phone: Client Telephone
Email: Client Email

  1. Project. Client commissions Artist to: design a website, write a blog post, photograph a concert, etc. Be Specific. (“Works”).
  2. Payment. Client shall pay Artist $2,000 upon signing this agreement. In addition, Client shall pay Artist $2,000 when Client receives the final version of the Works.

  3. Copyright Ownership.

    1. Work for Hire. The Works are works for hire, and all copyright in the Works are owned by the Client.

    2. Back-up Assignment. If any portion of the Artist's work is not the type of work that can be a work for hire, then the Artist hereby assigns all copyright and all other rights in the work to the Client. The Artist cannot revoke this assignment.

  4. Original Work. The Artist guarantees that the Works are not copied from any 3rd party.

  5. Independent Contractor. Artist is an independent contractor, not an employee. Client will not withhold any taxes.

  6. Applicable Law. The laws of New York State apply to this Agreement.

  7. Disputes. Disputes will be settled by arbitration in New York City. The parties consent to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts located in New York City.

  8. Entire Agreement. This document is the entire agreement between Artist and Client.

  9. Modification. The parties can only modify this agreement through an additional written agreement (email works; phone call does not).