Descriptive essay about a person should explain the hidden characteristics

Descriptive essay about a person should explain the hidden characteristics

Writing descriptive essay about a person is fun, as students enjoy describing the qualities and interesting characteristics of the concerned person.

However, students must remember that writing such type of descriptive essay would require sharp observation power and analytical skills as students explain the reason for choosing the person as their object of description. In addition, it is essential that students know a lot about the person and his or her achievements. For this purpose, students can visit libraries and paper writing site to find details about the personality of their choice. However, if the students know the person intimately, then it becomes easier to describe various attributes of this personality, as students have the chance to observe him or her closely, over a period. Therefore, the aim should be to portray the personality, in the context of the achievements and failures. Therefore, it would involve compilation of all the findings about these attributes, while students try to highlight the brighter or darker side of the personality, in their descriptive essay about a person. While the following tips would help students writing their descriptive essay about people, it is essential that they also go through other essays like descriptive essay topics and persuasive essay to understand the skills required in writing an analytical paper that needs description of events or personalities. However, it is imperative that students select the personality themselves, as writing on a well-known topic or person is always easier and morale booster. In addition, students enjoy talking about their favorite characters, who are like celebrities for them.

Introduce the person in your essay introduction

The introductory part of such essay should be devoted to the introduction of the person. Therefore, students must inform the readers about the general characteristics of the person's life. For example, students can inform the readers about the birth date and place of the person, his or her major occupation and casual vocation etc., while writing the descriptive essay about a person. While providing the details about the physical appearance of the person, students can use the video images and photo snaps of the person to display these physical attributes. This is more important if the reason for describing the person is the physical appearance or looks of the concerned person. For example, if the students are describing a movie actor or a celebrity, then chances are that their personal looks would have been the reason to write an essay on them. Also, student usually don't have so much time for writing an education essay, but sometimes they are need to find titles and examples for education essays.

Describe the latent qualities in the main essay body

This would include the achievements of the person as well as the disciplined lifestyle that has impressed the student. In addition, students can mention about the hobbies and other activities of the person, while emphasizing on any attribute that makes the personality different from the usual crowd. However, students must remember that writing an essay that needs description or narration about a person requires perfect English writing skills, which can be learnt by the students through frequent practice. Hence they must also look at other papers like descriptive essay and expository essay examples. However, students can check at cheap essay writing service to find more tips on writing the descriptive essay about a person.

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