Some interesting headline topics

Interesting headline topics

Passing the General Educational Development (GED) test is the basic academic requirement for the school dropouts to get admission into any college. Hence, students should prepare carefully for this test to obtain high scores. Kenny from custom essay order says that writing an essay is the most important part of this test, Students should select those GED essay topics that are pretty well known to them. This will result in students describing such themes with confidence.

However, as every Essay writing requires an understanding of the techniques involved, students would be benefited if they can have a look at various example essays, which will give them an insight into the planning and organization required for any written paper.

Given below are some interesting topics that can be expanded by the student, while writing such an essay.

Human angle of abortion

As abortion is a controversial theme, students can elaborate on various issues connected to this act. For example, while disapproving of the act of abortion, students can stress the issue of humanity related to abortion. According to the topic and the statement question can therefore be:

"Do we, as adult human beings, have the right to murder an infant, who is yet to see the light of the day?"

While arguing against abortion as given above, some students can put their viewpoint in favor of abortion, citing various reasons like medical and economic compulsions, which will save the child from future hardship, if given a birth.

Similarly, other GED essay topics can include the following controversial issues. However, students are also advised to look at a personal essay for knowing about other written works as well.

Prostitution and sex-related crime

This, in other words, will be a statement question as:

"Should prostitution be legalized?"

Students require to put in the facts and data while discussing the pros and cons of the legalization of prostitution. For example, a legal prostitution system may be an effective way to combat the natural hunger for sex, with-in a conservative society. However, then the question arises, "will a conservative society or government allow the institution of legal prostitution, in the first place?" Students can draw the subject of the physical and mental trauma that a prostitute may go through while carrying on her trade.

There are many such GED essay topics, that deserve the attention of our human society, which in turn can find interest with the evaluator or the examiner.

Child upbringing and same-sex parentage

This is yet another topic, which is controversial, as it includes another question within itself. "Is it the right decision to allow the marriage between two human beings that belong to the same sex?"

Students should discuss the social obligations and the social norms for allowing the adoption of a child by a couple, having same-sex. This will also need to highlight the issues of having a biological mother for the upbringing of the child.

There are many GED essay topics. However, students must learn the art of essay outline in the first place, to write a good essay on any topic.

Nevertheless, students can also get an essay on any topic from to remain on the safer side.

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